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The press throws stones at me and says I’ve defamed India.


I am Hindustani girl and I will never leave Hindustan. My roots are in Hindustan and I don’t want to ever leave Hindustan. And as for the interview all the press is here, let’s look at it on youtube, I never said India is regressive ad depressing, please do your homework. The state of women in our country is regressive and depressive.


You will have seen I tweeted today.


You are giving me too much importance; I didn’t even go to promote a film there.


This hypocrisy that is in our society, this hypocrisy that we do something else and show something else. 
So you are saying to me that when asked about the atrocities happening to women in our society, the rapes and the honor killings, that I should not say anything?! I should lie?!</b>


I am asking all of you here, did I say anything wrong by speaking the truth?

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What have I said wrong? I should stay quiet about the persecution women are facing today? In Haryana female foeticide is so bad, that we have 1000 men to 700 women, they are killing the girls in the womb. In this country we worship Goddesses, yet we kill the females in the womb. 
And then this press throws stones at me and says that I defamed India. How did I do that? By speaking the truth? This is amazing (disbelief is expressed here. 


If we women don’t speak for ourselves, then who will?
translated by sterek_hts

(via salaamz)